Friday, 5 November 2010

Bridgend Postcards

Please see comments for rough statement


  1. 'Bridgend Postcard Collection' is a series of landscape photographs that appeared on google images when we typed the search 'Bridgend Suicides'. Neither of us were living in Bridgend at the time of the suicides, and it was a strange sensation having the place where we spent most of our lives reported back to us through the eyes of people who were strangers to the town. The images were underscored by the suicides and provided a biased representation that concurred with the horrific stories reported in the media. This work seeks to confront and transform those representations by taking the image and altering it until we think it finally resonates with the place depicted.

    We took the images from google and printed them on the reverse (non-printable) side of Epson 5x7 glossy photo paper. This side of the paper would not absorb the ink which sat on the surface, we then used paintbrushes to move the ink before it dried. This allowed us to impose our own memories and feelings upon the images. The resulting images are then essentially both photographs and paintings.


  2. Hi,
    I am really interested in this body of work, I am a painter who works from screen shots taken from Google Earth addressing the nature of the immaterial, virtual image within painting. I am currently focusing my dissertation around this area of research and a friend suggested this work to me. i was wondering if you had any form of contact email so that i could glean any more information?

  3. hi hannah,

    you can contact us at