Monday, 20 June 2011

This Weekend


Art Books, hosted by Son Gallery
24 June 2011 - 26 June 2011

Launch : Friday 24 June, 1800 - LATE
(Top Nice, official after party)

Publishers / Artists

ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative, Absalom & Bardsley, Arcadia Missa, Art Licks, Bedford Press,
BLOCK, Brickhouse, Fourteen–Nineteen Bookshop, Friary Road House Editions, Hannah Barry Gallery,
Jimmy Merris: Downturn Press, Libraryman, Me√łus Editions, One Step Forward Publishing, P.E.A.R.,
We’re All Friends Here, Preston is my Paris, Steidl+Mack, WasssinkLundgren, The White Review

2030 performance by Jimmy Merris : Downturn Press, Soft patty drop from a great height (all that we ask is that you do your best)
2200 - Late, TOP NICE Official SLAM! after party, Bussey Building

1300 - 1700 talks in Son Gallery, see for more information
1200 - 2200, OFF MODERN at the Copeland Book Market

1300 - 1700 spoken word by FRIARY ROAD EDITIONS and THE WHITE REVIEW

For more information please contact, or call Guy Robertson on 0207 635 9367 or 0773 545 9614

Market opening hours: Book Market, Friday 1800 - 2100 and Saturday - Sunday 1200 - 1800.
Cafe: Friday 1800 - Late, Saturday 1200 – Late, Sunday 1200 - 1700. Top Nice: Friday, 2200 - Late.

Awnings designed by Oleg Bilenchuk. / Unit 9C 133 Copeland Road Peckham SE15 3SN


We also have a new addition to our store. We will be showing a new book by Georgina Kloss.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Here's a brief update of current/future activity. 

Firstly 8X's features in the new Steidl Autumn/Winter 2011 catalogue which you can download  from the Steidl website by clicking the link below. 

We will be participating at the Copeland Book Market in association with Son Gallery, showing a selection of our own publications alongside those of Arne Schmitt, Andrzej Steinbach and Ben Reed, we are big fans of all their publications and look forward to showing them.